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Voorheen Aroi Steenwijk nu Siam Steenwijk


NB! New address: Oosterstraat 97, 8331 HC Steenwijk


Over Siam

Siam Steenwijk

At the Oosterpoort

When you hear Thailand (until 1939 the country was called Siam), you immediately think of good food. 


On every corner... you will see food stands and various restaurants. You smell specialties that the chefs have prepared from generation to generation. The tastiest Thai dishes but also influences from surrounding countries, such as Vietnamese cuisine. Where Thai cuisine stands for fresh, tasty and spicy, Vietnamese cuisine stands for healthy, pure and balance. Dishes that are not unknown in Thailand! 


We start SIAM Steenwijk on the corner of the Oosterpoort, with of course our famous Thaise dishes that you have been able to taste at Aroi Steenwijk for 6 years. Added with unique, versatile and of course delicious dishes how we know Thailand today. 


Welcome to SIAM Steenwijk!

   Oosterpoort Steenwijk

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